Babylon Health wants to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. However, our web components were failing us in this mission. This post will talk through what Babylon’s DNA design system team did to fix this as of March 2020.

What was wrong with the existing web components?

The existing web components were based on designs from our iOS app. With no dedicated design resource, the engineering team attempted to align the design between the different platforms.

More importantly, the existing components were not accessible. Numerous components failed in 4 areas:

  • Text colour and graphical objects failed minimum…

There are a few posts floating around about Tesco’s new and more accessible grocery app. With this post I’ll reveal some of the stages we went through in order to create this product and the results we are now seeing from it.

The why.

The existing grocery app was responsible for a…

Jack Roles

Senior UI designer currently working on design systems and Babylon health. Previously designed things for Tesco.

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