The journey from Sketch to Figma

The journey from Sketch to Figma

In this post I’ll explain the first phase of creating our Babylon DNA, the design system for Babylon Health, and how we moved the Babylon design team from Sketch to Figma.

If you work in the digital design industry, you’ve more than likely read a dozen articles about the big transition from Sketch to Figma, it’s nothing new.

However, in this post I’ll walk you through the difficulties the team were facing using the previous setup, why we selected Figma, and what we’re still learning.

In July 2019 I joined Babylon with the task of starting to create Babylon DNA…

There are a few posts floating around about Tesco’s new and more accessible grocery app. With this post I’ll reveal some of the stages we went through in order to create this product and the results we are now seeing from it.

The why.

The existing grocery app was responsible for a large proportion of the online revenue and saw continued growth. However, both iOS and Android apps were built on the Xamarin platform. This had become fragile and was no longer sustaining the requirements of our users or the needs of the business.

The plan was simple, re-platform to a fully…

Jack Roles

Senior UI designer currently working on design systems and Babylon health. Previously designed things for Tesco.

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